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Information Technology

The heart of this operation. As a member of the IT department, you'll be responsible for wiping all the laptops we receive and loading them with educational software. You will also be working with marketing to help optimise the site, and advising the entire project on all IT-related matters.

Far more than the title suggests, as a member of this department, not only will you contact and secure potential clients, but also seek out and establish relationships with schools that are in need of laptops.

A crucial part of this project, members of this department will tackle the task of figuring out how laptops will be collected from our clients, and how they'll be delivered to the schools that need them once they've been wiped and loaded.

The department dedicated to ensuring that Revive is delivering exactly what our target audience wants. As a member of the marketing department, you'll be handling Revive's social media accounts, SEO for the site, and finding out what potential clients would like to see in a service like ours.


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Revive Enactus is a project of Enactus Sussex and, as such, only recruits students from the University of Sussex.

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